Regarding k. Adem

My name is Adem and this is my internet avatar. I began writing songs at the age of 15 when I learned to play guitar by watching folk singers at the public Library near my alma mater in Baldwinsville, New York. I met a kind man there in 2005 named Michael Tarolli who recorded 5 of my songs for a little EP called “Rise of the Saints”. These songs were an extension of my teenage values- an eclectic mix of misguided love songs, religious conservatism, and political tirades released under the moniker 4:thirtyseven.

I released my first full length in 2007- “Politics of Passion” and made my way into a divey little venue called the Lost Horizon that I made home. I cut my teeth on the Syracuse Music Scene in that historic room opening for hardcore bands. I was the irrelevant acoustic opener for a couple of years before I cut a short EP called “Family of Strangers” with a good man and CNY Hero- Jim Goldsworthy. Then I ran away scared from a record deal to a perfect little town in Tennessee in search of God.

I became sick of trying to define my music instead of just putting out art and allowing people to appreciate it so in 2011 while working on” armour.”, I decided to part ways with the religion of my youth and I wrote and recorded a little album called the “Living Room Tapes” to christen the divorce. I lived out of my little Chevy Malibu Classic with my brother Caleb for three and a half months playing songs anywhere we were able to.

In 2011, I moved back to Syracuse and had a mental breakdown so being an artist and a user, I began to work through all of the difficulties and tribulations with songs about what happened and what was going on internally. Those took shape into a body of work called [Syracuse.] which I produced and mixed on a Carnival Cruise ship during my first contract with them (Nov ’12- Dec ’13). 

Afterwards, I moved to Nashville to live with my brother and a good friend of mine. From there, I did 3 more contracts for Carnival- I visited Italy, Monaco, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Greece, France- and had my first placement on a television show that Discovery Channel used to have.

In November of 2013, I moved back to my little adopted hometown of Knoxville where I worked on my upcoming EP, and played a handful of shows- some kind of big and awesome like the Bijou Theater and the Square Room with Andrew Peterson- up until May when I got married to my best friend. 

Now, my wife and I live in New Jersey. She is a painter and a philanthropist and we are depressed optimists in a world wrought with holiness and horror. These days, we contemplate what the future holds and try our best to make honest art in a culture that subscribes to consumer psychology.


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