Regarding k. Adem

Kyle Adem is a tireless storyteller with a whole lot of questions. While he may not have all the answers, it doesn’t stop him from tenaciously searching. 

Drawing inspiration from his sojourn through life’s winding trails, Adem’s music reflects the realities of a young man searching for his place in our world and an understanding of the deeper mysteries surrounding existence. 

Words about love, life and the inner struggles each person must face blend soulfully into his own blend of orchestral and reflective folk, with a punk edginess. A self-assured baritone capable of reaching the high notes creates a sound that overtakes the space. 

Folksy in the best possible way, Adem’s writing exudes Americana. Somewhere between the Tennessee hills and the rolling plains of New York a sound was born to express the soundtrack of experience.

Upcoming Shows

July 24th | Next Door @ The Acoustic Coffeehouse with Joey English & Jake And The Comet Conductors | Johnson City, TN | 8 PM 

August 7th | Brakebill Nursing Home | Knoxville, TN | 3 PM

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